A Backpacker Line (Part 1) - Adventure

A Backpacker Line is a short story about real life. A Backpacker Line adalah sebuah cerita pendek yang mengisahkan tentang arti kehidupan.

A Backpacker Line (Part 1) - Adventure
a backpacker line part.1

He is walking away, alone.
People can’t see Him.
Everyone get busy by themself.
He is on a crowded place.
But his feeling is empty.
Never be content anything else.
Except his future.

No, He never smile.
Even the funniest moment came.
He always his temprament.
Never, can’t be guess.

The leaf falls down.
New generation grown up.
Leaving a past memory.
But He won’t forget.
About the adventures for the old one.
For his best experience ever.

The sun bringing his leg to walk away.
Showed the way home.
Although He have not a hut.
The shelter is his home.
In different area and other city.
Cause He is a backpacker.

Chapter One.
A glance about capital
Sounds like a better place.
To live and dying too.
Seems to be can doing anything.
Something fun and happy.
Something different.

Yeah, that is it.
He always thinking about glamour.
The life that full of fantasy.
The glory and enjoy his life.

Something different another.
Include him for sure.
No, He is different.
A metropolitan.
There are many objects.
There are many cultures.
There are many part of life.
You should one.
By your talent.
No, I think by your lucky.

Chapter Two

Someone told me,
Doing anything until your dream comes true.
But, you must be remember,
The dream that you want,
Beetween ; condition or ambition.

Risking your life to get an ambition.
Something to protect it.
Because regret will be showed,
Just look around and do better!
Science, experience that you needed,
And always pray.
Direct you to beautiful place,
In the right way.

Now, talking about my ambition.
Ambition, I don’t know about it.
I just wonder I have one.
I just yet to find it,
My dream, that’s me.

In this world, most of people,
Dreaming about a milyader.
Guess I am.
Sometime I want it.
Someone who have much money,
Doing anything with glory,
But I am realize it.
It’s just a ton of dreams.

Now, talking about reality.
A little dream became true.

Chapter Three
Heart Feeling

He is here.
In the middle of crowded,
No one who knows.
No one who cares.

He’s walking alone.
With his ragged bag,
Step by step,
He’s keeping his way,
Until come home.

But, there’s no one waiting on.
There is no pretend him.
There is no loving him.
He just live alone.
Alone, more and loneliness.

He is always smile.
Everytime he had.
Hiding his feeling.
The loneliness.

Heart, everybody have it.
Everybody can feel it.
And, everybody can play it.
But, somebody can’t use it.
It is about to control theirs.

Deep, in the whole life.
Heart, we can’t play it.
If you did, you’ll be happy if you win.
You’ll be die if you caught.


To be continued.....

Mukhamat Solikul

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